Scholarship Recipients


The Greater Austin Illini Club established the Scholarship, which includes a monetary award funded by the Club's endowment.  Our annual scholarship recognizes a student's outstanding leadership qualities and extracurricular involvement.  Starting in 2018, we also have awarded the Dr. Michael Bennett Horwitz Greater Austin Illini Club Scholarship now the Dr. Michael Bennett Horwitz & Elaine Kolker Horwitz Greater Austin Illini Club Scholarship, shown with *.

  Award Recipients

 Award Year  Name  College    Major
2024* Nikhil Jayakumar Grainger College of Engineering   Computer Engineering
2024 Darren Liu Grainger College of Engineering   Chemical Engineering
2024 Abigail Mayock Gies College of Business   Business Administration
2024 Shayan Rahman Grainger College of Engineering   Computer Engineering
2023 Denver Holden Engineering   Electrical Engineering
2023* Nikhil Jayakumar Engineering   Computer Engineering
2023 Mahnoor Khurshid Liberal Arts & Sciences   Astrophysics
2023 Benjamin Tsao Engineering   Mechanical Engineering

Sudha Gattu

Engineering   Computer Science
2022 Alma Zirojevic Engineering   Computer Science
2021* Peter Lee Engineering   Computer Engineering
2021 Morgan McCammon Education   Elementary Education
2021 Freya Bansal Engineering   Aerospace Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering
2020* Lauren Partridge      Developmental Psychology
2020 Nisha Kolagotla  Engineering    Electrical Engineering
2020 Albert Zhao      Math and Computer Science
2019* Nisha Kolagotla Engineering    Electrical Engineering
2019 Nikita Agarwal Engineering    Computer Science
2019 Guoyang Ma      
2018 Nikita Agarwal Engineering   Computer Science
2018 Collin Vauk Engineering   Computer Engineering
2018* Nisha Kolagotla Engineering   Electrical Engineering
2017 Tristan Kuhn      
2016 Tristan Kuhn      
2016 Rachel Joseph      
2016 Andrew Waldecker      
2015 Andrew Waldecker      
2014  Dayoung Choi  Business    Accounting
2014  Ting-Wai To  Engineering    Mechanical Engineering
2014  Justin Baker  Engineering    Materials Science and Engineering
2014  Ashley May  Liberal Arts and Sciences    Chemical Engineering
2013  Logan Ebeling      
2013  Soo Min Kim  Liberal Arts & Sciences    Chemical Engineering
2013  Ashley May  Liberal Arts & Sciences    Chemical Engineering
2012  Ben Feicht  Fine & Applied Arts    Architecture
2012  Kevin Pierce  Liberal Arts & Sciences    Chemical Engineering
2011  Rishi Bajekal  Engineering    
2011  Ben Feicht  Fine & Applied Arts    Architecture
2010  Rishi Bajekal  Engineering    
2010  Jenna Sansing      
2009  Jeff Wheeler  Engineering